about hikari solutions

Hikari, a Japanese word, means to 'shine' or 'sparkle' or to go 'fast'. it is also used as a name for people who bring 'light' or 'shine'.

The first bullet train was named the Hikari Shinkansen because it travelled at the 'speed of light' and brought people rapidly together across Japan.

why choose hikari?

We will provide advice in helping you implement supply chain, Due diligence and Modern Slavery processes for evidence compliance.

We help companies better position themselves through sustainability requirements and teach them that better is possible.

We drive measurable change and do it efficiently in a cost effective way.

our values

Hikari Solutions was born in 2014 in order to find the light, make the change, fast.

We ensure that better is possible in business.

We believe in creating trust and boldness with our clients, to easily drive sustainability now and into the future.

our achievements in 2023

Year on year business growth at 118%

Grew service offering to add 72 new clients requiring Illegal Logging, Modern Slavery or responsible sourcing legal advice

82% of clients engaged with us on more than one project

Providing advice to 6 industry associations with broad reach to membership

Set up a presence in China to conduct in country supply chain assessments and sourcing

12 clients engaged with ongoing retainers