Just imagine...
If we could help companies to use sustainability standards in their operations, influencing procurement, then changes would happen at the source.
Sustainability Standards
Just imagine...
If we could help Group Training and Registered Training organisations get more people into training, then we could help the disadvantaged and improve lives.
GTO and RTO Consulting
Just imagine...
If we could make it easy for start-ups to prosper by helping with the administrative and compliance burden then we could help grow the economy and create jobs.
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In our minds, all of that would lead to a better world.

Hikari Solutions was born – dedicated to social and environmental sustainability, helping organisations to

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Find the light. Make the change. Fast.

Why Hikari?

Hikari is a Japanese word and means both ‘fast’ and to ‘shine’.
There’s a reason the first bullet train in Japan was called ‘Hikari’ – it brought people together, shining the light on their lives, and did it fast.

This is what we achieve for our clients.

We find the light, help them make the change and do it fast.