Supply chain assurance - China


In modern Australian supply chains, more often than not, all roads lead to China. Being one of our biggest trade partners, and a dominant global industrial center, it is not surprising to see many Australian companies looking to China for importing raw materials, manufacturing components, or even finished goods. 

With the increasing focus on sustainability especially within supply chains, Australian companies may be attempting to gain some insight and visibility into their supply lines, or even just to comply with their obligations under Australian legislation, like the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act, and Modern Slavery Act. 

The difficulty is, with the structure of China’s economic and industrial system, coupled with language barriers, and the increasingly complex nature of supply chains, gaining accurate information can be a very difficult and daunting task. 


What we can do

Hikari Solutions is proud to be able to provide services and assistance in supply chain assurance from within mainland China.  

We can offer a variety of support, representing you and acting as a liason with suppliers, able to communicate natively in Mandarin, attending supplier locations with your own staff to conduct site visits, conducting supplier forums to help educate your suppliers on what your obligations are, how they can assist you in meeting them, and more. 

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