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Have you been asked by your Customer to become FSC Chain of Custody certified, or are you looking for an easy to understand and implement tool to ensure compliance is maintained and able to be verified at audit time?

Here at Hikari Solutions, we combine our background, knowledge and expertise in legislation, standards, technology and business operations, to create easy to understand and implement tools which make complex concepts simple. 

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Our FSC Chain of Custody Manual has been tested by Companies seeking FSC certification in no less than 150 audits, and, if implemented within your business as instructed, will assist you to achieve compliance at audit time as well. 

This version of the manual has been tailored to the requirements of companies who operate from a Single Site location and use the Transfer System to calculate FSC claims.

Instructions are provided for both Windows and OS, and an online tutorial is available to walk you through how to customise this manual to the unique conditions of your business using Microsoft Word Developer Tools. These form field tools allow you to enter your company information once, and then update the fields to replicate key information throughout the document.

What is FSC Chain of Custody Certification?

Excerpt from FSC-STD-40-004 V3-1

The FSC chain of custody (CoC) is the path taken by products from the forest, or in the case of recycled materials from the moment when the material is reclaimed, to the point where the product is sold with an FSC claim and/or it is finished and FSC labelled.
The CoC includes each stage of sourcing, processing, trading, and distribution where progress to the next stage of the supply chain involves a change of product ownership.

Any change of ownership in the supply chain of FSC-certified products requires the establishment of effective CoC management systems at the level of the respective organization and their verification by an independent FSC-accredited certification body, if the organization wants to make an FSC claim about their products.

FSC certification of such management systems is designed to provide a credible assurance that products which are sold with an FSC claim originate from wellmanaged forests, controlled sources, reclaimed materials, or a mixture of these. FSC CoC certification thereby facilitates the transparent flow of goods made from such materials through the supply chain.


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